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[Infographic] 5 Facebook Statistics You Should Know About

5 Facebook Statistics You Should Know About

Part of the process of  successfully marketing online is collecting data. Without key bits of information, your efforts’ effectiveness could be cut in half or completely unsubstantial. Of course every market is different so you will need to collect your own data, but here are some important Facebook statistics to get keep you on the right track.

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12 Twitter Rules You Need to Know About

Twitter Rules

Last week I covered Facebook. Now let’s make sure we’re not breaking any Twitter rules. The Twitter police are less restrictive than Facebook, but they are more serious about keeping the peace.

When I first started, I had my Twitter account temporarily shut down for breaking a rule. On the other hand, I’ve seen many Facebook pages that break Facebook rules and they still live today.

All of this is to say, it is just as important to keep Twitter happy as it is to appease Facebook.

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8 Facebook Rules You Should Know About

Facebook Rules

Facebook keeps pages on a tight leash. Without knowing Facebook’s rules, it’s easy to mess up, and the price could be steep.

Marketers always need to keep in mind that they do not own their Facebook account. Facebook does. That is why getting followers’ emails and names is so important. If Facebook shuts you down, you haven’t lost everything.

But that’s plan B. Let’s avoid that by simply not pushing Facebook’s buttons.

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4 Twitter Marketing “Tricks” Not To Do That I Did

Working with social media marketing involves a lot of trial-and-error work. Before I write an article, I try  my own advice to see if it really works.

This time instead of telling you my success stories, I’m going to tell you some of my absolute failures.

Don’t try these at home.

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10 Writing Mistakes That Make You Look Silly

We’re all human. We make mistakes, but some blunders are fatal to your credibility.

I read a national trend on Twitter the other day that made one of these errors. The trend was #thingsIsaytomuch. It got a lot of flak from its misuse of the word “to.” Thousands of people around the world were laughing and pointing.

Marketing on the internet is extremely competitive. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot before even starting the race. Make sure you don’t make any of these lethal writing mistakes.

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How to Make a Viral Post

Now there’s a question we’d all like to know the answer to. I wish there was a quick, easy formula I could whip up for you, but making viral content is nothing like a checking off ingredients in a recipe. It’s more like making hoops in basketball. There are a million and one reasons why the ball went in, and every swoosh has different ones.

Fortunately, there are a few standard guidelines most viral posts follow. Follow these, and you are on the right track to going viral!

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5 Tricks to Making a Killer Blog Article

I read a lot of blog articles. I wouldn’t be surprised if I read at least thirty a week. They say one key to being a good writer is to also be an extensive readers.

While going through these blogs I get to test every attention-grabbing tactic I run into on myself. I know when I’ve run into a diamond. The title alone is so enticing I just have to click on the link. I read the entire article – top to bottom. I go through about five more articles on their blog. Then I sign up for their email list.

That’s a quality article.

Here’s a list of qualities every excellent article has.

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